About me :

My name is Ali Shoghi Javan. I started academic life with Civil Engineering at Ferdows Azad University. Now, I am M.Sc. Student at Isfahan University of Technology in Water-Civil Engineering. My supervisor  is Dr. Ahmadi and my thesis is about Water Allocation in a Border River Basin With a Shared Vision.



Educations :

M.Sc. Water Managment Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, 2013 up to present

B.Sc. Civil Engineering, Ferdows Azad University , 2008 to 2012

Diploma, Physics and Mathematics, Allameh Helli of Mashhad, 2004 to 2007

Research Interests :

  • Water Resource Managment
  • GroundWater Modeling
  • GroundWater Hydrology
  • Finite Difference and Finite Element Methods
  • Design of hydraulic Structures
  • Analysis Instrumentation of Embankment dams